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For 31 years, Anderson, the law firm of Scott L. Anderson, has succeeded in representing 2,500 DUI customers, customers prosecuted for 1,000 crimes, and customers involved in hundreds of injuries and car accidents. Scott L. Anderson, who was recognized as AV, was the country's highest rating agency, Martindale Hubbell. He is a member of the Minnesota County Bar Association. Scott is forced to deal with many attorneys and lawyers, and he is very much in the interest of many lawyers on legal matters, and his experience is in their interest. Scott has volunteered for those who are not very happy, and has donated hundreds of hours for years. Scott Anderson has a reputation as a positive and results-oriented lawyer. He provides customers with both best fields. It provides a great, positive way to respond to your voice, as you speak, as you speak, as you speak.

Established in 1986


Skills and aggressive legal representation to meet your legal needs Scott L. Anderson is merciful, gentle, and with a rich experience that can do the best for our customers. Scott treats customers as human beings, not just dollar signs. Every customer is treated with respect that is worthy of him. Scott provides free phone calls for all case reviews. Scott provides a straightforward, comprehensive assessment and analysis for your issues. He knows how to get the best result for you. Scott is committed to keeping your case up to date and explaining when options arise. For more than 30 years, Scott L. Anderson has succeeded in defending thousands of criminal cases and more than 2,500 DUI cases alone. Scott is committed to protecting customers' rights and interests. Scott L. Anderson boasts that he is a good person who defends the call, compassion for needs and your rights. It is important to be charged with stress and have an experienced lawyer who gives the right to legal representation in the early stages of criminal trials. This criminal process can lead to confusion in forms that can have a devastating impact on complex legal looks, jail results, fines, and personal freedoms and privileges. It's a lot of experience to find a lawyer if you're charged with a crime. Many people in this position try to solve it themselves. However, there is no need to amplifier.

Scott L. Anderson graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1982. In 1986, he received a law degree from William Mitchell Law School in St. Paul. Scott married his wife Mary, had two children, Jenna and Brett

When I was at law school, I worked for an insurance company in Minneapolis and a private law firm. Through this experience, he acquired a lot of knowledge about criminal law. Scott started practicing his law after a law school. He showed more than 2,500 cases beautifully over 30 years. Scott is enthusiastic about golf and enthusiastic about cycling.

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Anderson's law firm offers customers the highest standards in both areas. Deliver powerful and aggressive representations with tailored attention, responsiveness, and customer case concerns. Anderson Law Office is located in Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota, the United States. Scott L. Anderson managed thousands of criminal cases and more than 2,500 DUI cases. Brooklyn Park, a lawyer, highlights personal injury and crime defense: Scott Anderson is a lawyer who wants to represent you!
The Anderson Law Office was established by Scott L. Anderson, he received a law degree from William Mitchell Law University in St. Paul in 1986. Scott worked for an insurance company and a private law firm in Minneapolis when he was a law school. Through this experience, he gained much knowledge of criminal law. Scott began to practice his law after college. He excelled at presenting more than 2,500 cases over 27 years. Scott is an avid golfer and likes bicycles.
Scott L. Anderson graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1982. In 1986, he received a degree in law from William Mitchell Law University in St. Paul. Scott and his wife Mary got married on March 26, 1988. He has two children, Jenna and Brett. Scott is kind, kind, and has a rich experience that can do the best for his customers. Scott treats customers as human beings as well as dollar signs. Every customer is treated with respect that is worthy of him. Scott L. Anderson will call for free on all litigation.
Scott is familiar with all the judges and prosecutors of the subway in the seven counties. He makes the best use of this familiarity to his customers. Mr. Scott Anderson, a lawyer with an office in Brooklyn Park, represents customers across the Twin Cities. Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Champurin, Anoka, Rapids, Brain, etc. His work is limited criminal defense, focusing on DUI defense, car accident claims, personal injury cases.
Anderson Legal Affairs Bureau is working on all legal matters carefully, secretly, and legal matters. Brooklyn Park lawyer Scott Anderson has a frank and complete assessment of all issues and knows how to get the best results on your behalf. He takes time to explain choices and possible results to make the best decision, and always provides the latest information about the situation in your case. Scott L. Anderson offers a competitive, affordable price for crime prevention.
Scott Anderson, a detective lawyer in Brooklyn Park, has been protecting the rights of individuals and protecting clients prosecuted for criminal offenses since 1986. With more than 27 years of experience and more than 2,500 successes, Anderson continues to fight for the right of his client. His criminal defense includes Hennepin, Anoka, Ramsay, Washington, Wright, Carver, Scott, Isanti, Sherburn and Dakota County.
1986 Since then, Scott Anderson has built many relationships within the bar community. He is familiar with all the prosecutors and judges, regardless of country. He is building a positive relationship that will benefit his customers. Scott has a wealth of experience in protecting the rights of those arrested and accused for all kinds of crimes. He is proud to be considerate of his customers, while giving him excellent expressive power. Scott is known to take a step ahead to get the right and right solution.
He understands that human relations have the ability to achieve timely and successful solutions. Through his years of experience, Anderson has built many precious relationships with judges, lawyers, customers and insurance companies. Let his experience and knowledge help you.
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