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Aaron Hall provides lawyers, representation and a variety of legal services to people and businesses in the Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He focuses on providing more than just a service. His wish is to work with you using the "hands on" approach to your legal needs.

Established in 2007


Representing business owners for common legal issues facing SMEs

Aaron Hall is a licensed lawyer and is recognized for its practice in Minnesota and Minnesota federal district courts. Hall worked at many medium-sized law offices in Twin Cities, worked as an in-house lawyer for a major technology company in Eden Prairie, and served as a judiciary representative under Paul A. Magnathan, U.S. District Judge, University of Concordia's Business Law Associate Professor.

Hall worked for William Mitchell's Legal Review and was awarded the Doctor of Juris's Degree at William Mitchell's Law School. He received a bachelor's degree (4.0 GPA) in Marketing Management Innovation Sama at the University of Concordia in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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