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Under the Drews Act, PLLC regularly assists customers in disputes over real estate. It sometimes means litigation or mediation. You may also want to help you navigate your customers when you change, train, or seize your loans. In April 2013, the Minnesota State Supreme Court (US) Supreme Court (US) Supreme Court (US) ruled out the bank's illegal laundering against Louis's first loyal loan service, attracting public attention, and showing the standards of customer superiority and commitment in real estate disputes. Dell's lawyers are proud to show their daily commitment by working hard to get the right results and negotiating and lawsuits on some of the world's largest and most aggressive financial institutions. Help you understand and enforce your rights.

Established in 2008


Are you looking for a real estate answer? Do you need help finding real estate rights? We have helped hundreds of Minnesota landlords and companies to answer and understand their rights to leases, boundaries, mortgages, and so on. From home purchase and sale to defense of seizure to support for loan change. If you're facing a real estate problem that changes your life, you need to defend that level of a team with a steady commitment to your customers.

The founder of our law firm focuses his practice on innovative real estate lawsuits, in particular the practices and legal arguments of action in court. Prior to the enactment of the Drews Act in 2008, the company represented lenders and insurance companies such as Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., the Bank of the United States, N.A., and Citicorp Lease.

Jonathan amp;#39;s April 2013 The Supreme Court of Minnesota was the first owner's victory before the Supreme Court since the Great Depression. This victory finally gave hope to the landlord, even if it was not a voice seeking justice through the trial system.

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