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Under the Harnen law, we are absorbed in our work. Our lawyer is not afraid of fighting for the rights of employees and consumers. We've been dealing with employees, whistleblowers, fraud, and consumer lawsuits for years and have hundreds of successful cases. Whether you're confronted with problems with your employer or are treated as a consumer, our team of employment lawyers and class law lawyers can fight for your rights and interests regardless of the size or strength of the other person. We are also working on corporate and tax fraud and fraud against the government.

Established in 1998


The Harnene Law is mainly representing experienced legal representatives on matters related to employment, government fraud, and consumer rights. We are a formidable group of lawyers responsible for customer service. The Harnen Act is not an office of the General Medical Service Law. We are very focused on energy and resources in the field of law that we know very well. This has made us very effective, and we have gained a strong reputation in our chosen field of practice. Employment Law, Illegal Retirement, Consumer Group Lawsuit, Whistleblower Reprisal, Retirement Contract, Government Fraud, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Act, FMLA Reprisal. A dedicated and enthusiastic staff is essential for our team. Dell will help you get the best results for you.

Clayton D. Harnene is the founder of the Harnene Law, an office of the Employment and Consumer Protection Law in Minneapolis and Chicago. He represents the plaintiff only when it includes employment law, mass torture, class litigation and Kuichi Tam suits. Clayton has been honored by one of Minnesota's biggest rulings in history in the employment case for one plaintiff. This year, in violation of the False Claim Law, he presented a $1.5 billion settlement with the Abbott Institute for off-label sales, representing one of the brokers. At the national level, Clayton is recognized for his activities in the areas of defective products, food, drugs, illegal labeling of supplements and litigation dealing with consumer fraud. He has been in a leadership position in his actions in the national class.

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