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In 1994, David Hellmuth and Chad Johnson worked with the goal of establishing a first-class law firm that could effectively and efficiently address the most complex and difficult cases. &Herms; Johnson's two founding partners have put steady growth and constant capacity on track. At present, Helms& Johnson, one of 25 biggest companies in Minnesota, has nearly 50 lawyers serving customers in 16 practice areas. Dell offers comprehensive services to customers without sacrificing Dell's unique commitment to delivering fast, affordable presentations.

Established in 1994


Dell is focused on Trading, Litigation, and Litigation to provide services to customers in business areas from construction, finance, business, real estate to real estate, real estate, and family law. In each of these areas, Hellmuth &Johnson gained a reputation for a wide range of experience and expertise. Hellmuth & Johnson, the customer's strongest supporter, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of each client.





My company DS6 is Hellmuth & I was working with. Johnson on many business issues such as NDA and small business litigation. Our lawyer was David. We highly appreciated his readiness and true attention to our situation. All future legal issues are left to them.

At night and on weekends. David was there to receive our phone. Indeed, he is first-rate and we will not change the legal services.

12/25/2020 06:54pm



I agree to the one-star rating.  This group focuses on pricing and quick funding.  Did you spend $75 on sending the email?  They are also targeting real estate management companies that use the law to support higher rates.  Its only five-star rating must be an acquaintance of the company.  This is the reason why this group makes lawyers' reputation bad.

12/28/2020 09:38pm



Note - You'll put the invoice away and immediately pay double the original amount.  Conduct a survey on his company.  I don't recommend using them.  It's expensive!

12/30/2020 03:57am