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The lawyer, Hyrigman, did a free bonopro for the judiciary of Anoka County and for the women's group Chrysalis. He also receives a letter of thanks from the District Court of Henepin. Membership: American Bar Association Minnesota Legal Counsel Association American Arbitration Association - The bar association of Hennepin County, the bar association of Ramsey County, and the bar association of Yasuoka County - The alternative dispute resolution committee member of the Hennepin County Dispute Panel

Established in 1974


Minneapolis Lawyer - Joel Heiligman is a Minneapolis/St. lawyer with DUI/DWI, personal injury, crime prevention and unfair death. Paul Minnesota. -36 years of legal experience - Bachelor of Law at William Mitchell Law School - 1974 - Perform these areas: Minnesota Drunkard Driving Protection (DUI/DWI) - General crime defense Automobile accident litigation

I&A;#39;m I have more than 34 years of legal experience. My practice field is as follows. Minnesota Dranker Drive (DWI/DUI) defense, general criminal defense counsel, automobile accident litigation, and a law degree from the University of Justice for Personal Injury William Mitchell - 1974

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I was arrested at DWI 5/2/14, and I took Joel out of the police catalog. That was the best choice I could choose! The next day I met Joel, and I was impressed not only by his knowledge of the law, but also by the feeling that he really cares about me as a person. He told me very much as the process progressed and always answered my questions quickly. Jall was greatly respected in the court system and seemed to have formed a better petition than I wanted. On the day I was sentenced, I was impressed by the question he asked me again. He showed me that I was not just a customer, but a human. Joel is recommended to anyone who needs the help of a gentle and caring lawyer!

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