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Select a choice. John C. Conard has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases successfully. He is recognized as the best criminal trial lawyer in the nation and a former prosecutor knows how to organize lawsuits for people like you. John C. Conard is frequently guided throughout the country in the use of expert testimony and cross-examination of government forensic experts. In addition, the most prestigious National Intercollegiate Festa is recognized as a leader of testing strategies and effective testing techniques. He is a Faculty of Law, National University of Law. Get trial: murder money laundering conspiracy a plot to attempt a telegraph fraud a conspiracy to attempt email fraud wire fraud email fraud tax Drug distribution/ownership first-degree assault first-class sexual offense drive away the police robber John Conard was chosen to handle complex multi-month federal trials and lawsuits in New York, Detroit, and Minneapolis. He is often asked by other judges to consult with him about serious cases. He has also succeeded in his country-wide efforts and is a guest speaker with advanced trial strategies and skills in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York. John Conard is originally a small town in Iowa and is ready to combine its sophisticated strategy with the credibility of the small town.

More than 2,000 criminal cases have appeared in Minnesota and Federal Courts, Manhattan, South New York, Federal Courts in northern New York, Detroit, East Michigan, Fargo, North Dakota State<> br> The Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Second Instance shall appear in court and seek the eighth and second instance.

2014 - Currently: Super Lawyer Senior Lawyer.
2012 - Currently: Minnesota Prosecutor, Minneapolis
             &;&;&;&;St. Paul Magazine.
2011- Present — Avvo
Martindale Client Distenction Award
National Trial Levels Top 100 Trial Prote
2011 - Member of the U.S. Academy of Legal Sciences
Member of The Trial Laye's College.

William Mitchell College of Law Colege Toge Totede)
Founder 's Scholarship, Legal Review, Deanlist

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