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The Media Act has a different business model than many employment companies. Many companies will join as many customers as possible, resolve cases as soon as possible, and move on to the next case with a relatively small amount of money. Madhya's laws are different. You can inspect a large number of cases, and you can do less than most companies. Then, for several months, they will take action. The Madia Act makes a case covered with iron enough to receive more concessions, make more discoveries and overcome the summary of the other party's judgment. This increases the settlement value of the case by 100%, and sometimes thousands. Of course, if this case is not settled, we are ready, and we are pleased to give it to the jury.

Established in 2009


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I'm a lawyer. I thank you for the opportunity to fight for justice on behalf of individuals struggling with some of the large companies in the country.

Among the most desperate customers, they faced difficult cases and were trained.   As a law student at the University of New York Law School, I represent the women of the mistreated, on behalf of the unemployed, seeking protection and working, and the migrants seeking protection from torture. He also worked as a Business Integrator and experienced a complex business suit at two of the country's best legal companies (Faegre & amp;). After running in Congress in Benson LLP and Robbins, Kaplan, Miller & Crisis LLP

2008, I started my own practice because I believe that individual rights will be strong supporters against the strong interests of individuals.

Ashwin Madia J.
business owner