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1999, Nash & The law firm of the branch has decided to create different experiences for customers. Instead of the cold, intimidating atmosphere that law firms know, they tried to provide free resources, such as websites and email newsletters, to address legal issues that could affect customers, and provide legal services in a way that is easy to understand for customers. In 2010, the law firm changed its name to the Nash Law Firm, and instead of using the traditional hourly billing method, it began to charge a uniform fee for many services. The law firm exists for customers, no matter what other company it is. If you don't evolve to provide a better service to your clients, the service will disappear. We will continue to evolve to deliver better service to our customers.

Established in 1999


We practice in the following legal areas: arbitration Asset protection: Business: Will and Trust Litigation: real estate We don't pretend to do anything to anybody. If you do not practice in a particular area of the law, please refer it to the law office in that area.

Steve has practiced law since 1983.   During this time, he was called "Super Loyber" He wrote and discussed hundreds of ongoing education seminars for lawyers, real estate agents and brokers, recognized as.  

Steve is also a member of the real estate company and is the owner of the company's wife, who offers three to 60 players an opportunity for indoor soccer.

Steve is a director of a non-profit organization or SC. nbsp; He joined the Judiciary Committee, which provides legal services for low-income people.  

Steve primarily performs asset protection, business, asset planning, and real estate practices.

Stephen N.
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I usually don't give a rating of 5 stars, but this law firm is higher than the top.  A few weeks ago, I hired Mr. Nash to help protect my rights to the Landlord Association. They arbitrarily prohibited my meeting.  Mr. Nash could stop the problem just before it started.  I hesitated to hire a lawyer because it was too expensive, but Mr. Nash didn't get a cent.  He walked back and forth.

01/03/2021 02:41am