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We are educating our customers about the law, and we are trying to provide them with the best advice and services possible. Sandful & Welcome to the law firm. Dell has been working for family and small businesses for over 30 years and has provided the best quality legal advice and services based on years of experience. I'd like you to continue working with me. Dell provides legal services in the following areas: * Real Estate Plan * Presbyterian Act * Real Estate Act *Inspection * Business Act Validation: * Formal Validation *Identify/Identify Survivors * Written affidavit of collection * Summary Assignment * Informal Validation * Drop Order Presbyterian law: * Medical Assistance Advice * Asset Transfer * Guardianship / Maintenance *Fault Plan *Care Plan * Veteran Benefits *Apply &Asset Protection; Expense * Mandate *Personal Service and Care Contracts *Medical Directive Real estate plan: * Will * Trust *Medical Directive * Advice on real estate tax * Attorney's authority * Pre-Contract Real estate: * Purchase agreement *End * Certificate * Contract of Deed *Title Comments *Easement *Title Issue Business Act: * Partnership * Small business practice * Company * Business Investment/Purchase * LLC&A;apos;s *Lease