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In 2011, Benjamin Tashish and Scott Cody lawyers formed the organization to provide customers and communities with professional, ethical and positive legal expressions. The law firm has since grown in size and has been recognized as a powerful force that is well known in the courts and the bar. PLC lawyer Tersh Cody continues to receive numerous awards and recognition for her success with her customers.

Established in 2011


Tarshish Cody, a PLC lawyer, is experienced in the following legal practice areas: a wounded lawyer divorce lawyer employee rights lawyer consumer protection lawyer a detective lawyer family lawyer The PLC's Tarsh Cody is a boutique law firm in Minnesota where lawyers are allowed to enforce the law. Lawyers are considerate and active advocates. Initial free consulting for new clients

Benjamin Tershish is a partner lawyer for the law firm of Tarsh Cody. He prides himself on giving his clients practical legal advice. He is a passionate, aggressive and ethical lawyer.

Benjamin grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. He graduated from Carreton College in MN Northfield and received a degree from William Mitchell College of Law in MN St. Paul. Benjamin is sociable, friendly and has a sense of humor. This is much more welcome to work with him on a particular legal issue, given that his client comes to him at a time when his life is difficult and stressful.

Benjamin T.
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No matter what your legal needs are, I trust Benier Tarsish and Tarsish Cody's lawyers. The team of lawyers has a wide range of trading and litigation experience, is budget-conscious, and provides business-friendly knowledge. They can meet a convenient place for my schedule.

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