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Michael J. Weber established the Weber Law Office in 2000. 2010: The office is called Weber and amp; When Nancy Lee Nelson joined the company, the Nelson Law Office (PLLC) was established. Michael used to be an assistant to Minnesota Attorney General for nearly seven years. Michael belonged to the Health Department and took disciplinary action on behalf of the Health Care Committee, the Nursing Committee, and other health care committees. Nancy has gained experience as a medical professional as well as a medical lawyer including corporate advisor at UnitedHealth Group, Inc. &Weber; Nelson's law firm provides experienced lawyers for the healthcare industry and medical professionals. Dell is a law firm focused on your needs and goals and provides high quality legal services in an ethical and confidential manner. With diligence and wit, I work hard to achieve the best legal outcome!

Established in 2000


Quality legal services with experienced medical and license defense lawyers focused on confidentiality, ethics and customers. Specialty areas that are proud and focused on the Medical Law, Provider Contract, Payer Contract, Medical Committee, Nursing Committee, Expert License Defense Counsel, Regulatory Compliance, Business Law, Will and Trust, Employment, Inspection, Real Estate Planning, Trials and Appeals. If you are looking for high quality, customizable legal care, Weber & Nelson's Law Office, PLLC is the best choice. We'll have a dedicated consultation with the customer to learn more about the customer case. Let's discuss your options and best courses, depending on your needs. Call me right now. Schedule free consultation. Our goal is to deliver high quality, responsive legal services to our customers and deliver the right results for them. If you receive a notice of meeting, complaint, inquiry letter or disciplinary action for the Board of Directors, you will ask Minneapolis for further legal advice!

He has more than 20 years of experience in defense issues related to health and licensing, including the Minnesota Medical Association, the Nursing Committee, the Dental Association, the Psychological Association, the Professional Services Program for Medical Practitioners (HPSP) and other medical and medical commissions.

Michael has unique experience in these two ways. First of all, when Michael worked in Minnesota, the health committee, and on behalf of the medical professionals, will, will, certificate of employment, suit, and suit.

Michael started his lawyer as General Director of Justice in 1993. Minnesota Attorney General 'In 2000, I started a private business at s Health Licensing Division.

Michael graduated from Stanford Law School in California. He has a license in both Minnesota and California.

Michael W.
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It is not easy to get a lawyer during a legal matter. Michael was relieved and confident. He met me and reviewed the facts of my problem and gave me a choice. He was open about costs, and also open about risks and benefits to my decision. He spent time and gave legal guidance before hearing my testimony.
I had several interviews, and I was prepared to do so thanks to Michael's guidance and support. He answered the question beside me and put it on my behalf. He kept in touch with me by phone, email, fax, and in response to legal documents and needed attention. After all, I felt that the legal advice I received was sound and I was allowed to make educated decisions. I believe in Michael's legal advice, recommend it to friends and acquaintances, and ask for legal support. If you need a lawyer, please repeat Michael's request.

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